FrakenApp #1: Part 1, Getting Started

The Problem

My current work assignment is coming to an end. I got the job during the peak of the pandemic when we all worked from from home. Now we are going back to office, but I don't live in the same town as the office...

Well, anyway, I need to get my skill back up to date. The current job uses C#, .NET Framework (not Core), WPF, JSON files for data storage, SVN for source control, etc. I have done other things in the past, things like SQL Server, Web Forms, JavaScript, Windows Forms, Windows, Linux, PHP, BASH, SQLite, a wee bit of Python, etc.

Doing some research, I've found some random technologies to research as I start to look around. I decided that I need to play with Oracle, .NET Core, TypeScript & React.js (asked a recruiter and she said that there is more demand React.js than Angular). I also have access to an older Macintosh computer which I could use to prove that my .NET Core code runs outside of Windows.

My Plan

I propose that I write a single program to incorporate as many resume friendly technologies as I can cram in. Regardless of the level of absurdity. Originally I was going to develop the whole project, then write a massive blog article about it on my old dead blog Jack Stephens' Geek Brochure.

Right now I'm thinking of an Electron app that uses a .NET Core assembly that would communicate with an Oracle DB somewhere else. I could play with TypeScript and React.js within the Electron app. The .NET Core assembly could be run on the Mac to prove that it is really Core. The Oracle is the biggest lift, I need to figure out where I could host it. I am also dreaming of producing a User Group/Code Camp talk about this experiment.

Follow along!

I plan on posting each step (or most anyway) on this blog. I will put the code for various steps of this experiment here.